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Fidia celebrates its 75th anniversary: not a destination, but just one leg of a journey that is going faster than ever

Every day we proudly celebrate the foresight and expertise of those who have helped to build the company, and recognize the vision of those who are already shaping the tomorrow’s world

Founded in 1946, Fidia is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a theme of “Ready for the Future”. This momentous occasion is represented by an image of a tree with solid roots, growing and reaching toward the sky. For us, this anniversary is not a destination, but one leg of a journey that is…

Fidia announces the FDA Orphan Drug designation for ONCOFID for the treatment of malignant mesothelioma, the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos

Preclinical studies are underway to complete the pharmaco-toxicological profile, with the aim of submitting the authorisation dossier for human studies to the regulatory authorities by 2022.

Abano Terme (PD), July 26th, 2021 - Fidia Farmaceutici, an Italian company world leader in the research, development, formulation and commercialization of hyaluronic acid-based products, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Orphan Drug Designation for ONCOFID-P for…

Fidia a signé un accord avec Sanofi pour l'acquisition d'un portefeuille de médicaments anti-inflammatoires

L'accord est le résultat d'un processus concurrentiel sélectif lancé en 2020, qui a conduit Sanofi à choisir Fidia parmi les différentes entreprises participantes.

Grâce à cette récente opération, la société a renforcé sa présence sur le marché des médicaments sur ordonnance et a élargi sa gamme de produits et de spécialités, consolidant ainsi sa position de leader dans le domaine des soins articulaires et renforçant ses activités en dermatologie. –…

Fidia signed a binding agreement with Sanofi for the acquisition of a Sanofi portfolio of anti-inflammatory drugs

The concluded agreement is the result of a selective competitive process launched in 2020, which led Sanofi to choose Fidia among the various participating companies.

Based on this recent operation, the company has strengthened its presence in the prescription drug market, in addition to further expanding its range of products and specialities, thus consolidating its leadership in the Joint Care area and bolstering its business in Dermatology. – Investment in…

COVID-10: communication to Partners, Customers and Suppliers

Health and safety, a top priority for Fidia

According to Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A mission and policy, health and safety of people, and of course of our employees, are absolute priority. This is why we decided to reduce potential risks, asking our colleagues, partners, visitors, ecc… to work remotely as much as possible, as well as to strictly…

Top-quality pharma-grade Hyaluronic Acid available from Fidia

Fidia’s Hyaluronic Acid from fermentation has been recently granted the Certificate of Suitability (CEP, R0-CEP 2017-220-Rev 00) to the European Pharmacopeia, Sodium Hyaluronate Monograph, by EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines).Certificates of suitability (CEPs) are accepted in…

Fidia Announces Expansion of its Affiliate Network Worldwide

Fidia Pharma Egypt is headquartered in Cairo, with a sales team of 45 people and is market leader of IAHA products

Fidia Farmaceutici announces the expansion of its affiliate network, with the recent opening of Fidia Pharma Egypt, unlocking new opportunities in Middle East and Africa and meeting the varied needs of customers in different regions. Officially established in March 2019, Fidia Pharma Egypt is…

Fidia Announces Expansion into the US Dietary Supplement Market with Launch of CartiJoint™ FORTE

Unique formulation with a bioactive curcumin extract Bio-Curcumin Curcugreen™ (100% natural turmeric), glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate.

Fidia Farmaceutici is introducing CartiJoint™ FORTE, its first product in the dietary supplement category in the USA, through its wholly-owned subsidiary based in the U.S., Fidia Pharma USA Inc. CartiJoint™ FORTE is a dietary supplement that supports joint health and mobility with antioxidant…

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Drawing on the strengths of the parent company, Fidia Pharma Middle East product portfolio focalizes primarily on therapeutic areas such as joint healthcare and tissue repair.

Fidia Pharma Middle East is focused on providing consumers with innovative products that offer quality, safety and performance and exploring innovative channel strategies to access customers and consumers, such as healthcare e-commerce.