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Research & Development

Our research group is working on over 50 projects, not only involving Hyaluronic Acid, through the constant dialogue between different functions: discovery, formulation development, pre-clinical and clinical research, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and marketing.

We have implemented numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies in collaboration with prestigious international centres for research.

Our scientific approach leads us to also treat medical devices as though they were drugs – we have been pioneers in this and today all regulatory bodies are also moving in this direction.

We have a large portfolio of patents worldwideabout 1.400 – of which more than 1.200​ related to Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weights, industrial processes, pharmaceutical formulations, compositions and applications.

Our most important patents
Fidia has filed patents initially in Italy and subsequently worldwide, so as to give products, processes and therapeutic uses an international coverage. Over time, we have continued to file patents not only to give new products or new therapeutic applications coverage, but also to ensure intellectual property of the processes of production and purification of HA from various sources, according to the interests of the company.

Our commitment to research and development means we can add every day new solutions to our therapeutic areas.

We are testing a new product containing HA and an active ingredient for acute pain management.

An innovative product, containing HA and natural polymers, for the treatment of complex (or exudative) wounds, in a non-conventional formulation.

We are monitoring the safety and efficacy for humans of an enzyme-based treatment in patients with Dupuytren’s contracture.

A clinical study is under way to verify the features and safety of a combination of compounds for managing skin lesions at risk of bacterial infection.

We are assessing the efficacy and safety in humans of a single HA-based injection, comparing it with a competitor that is already approved, and which has demonstrated its efficacy in reducing knee pain symptoms in patients with osteoarthritis.

We are in the process of verifying the safety, tolerability and efficacy of an in situ bladder cancer treatment with a new drug obtained from the chemical conjugation of a cancer drug and Hyaluronic Acid.

Our partners

We collaborate with leading research centres in Europe and in the US and top Italian universities.

Work at Fidia

We continuously set ourselves new goals with our research and our Hyaluronic Acid-based products we are able to help many patients around the world.



Head of Corporate Clinical and Preclinical Development

“New challenges allow us colleagues to always be learning new things.”



Clinical PM Coordinator

“It’s very stimulating working with colleagues on important projects and I am happy to make my contribution to the development of innovative, effective and safe therapeutic solutions for patients.”
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