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Our people help us to grow

We want people who work at Fidia to have the opportunity to participate in training, to challenge themselves and experiment. Because a company can only evolve if its people also evolve.

A culture to grow

We launched an ambitious project, which has now become a reality: creation of a corporate culture that is oriented to development and based on consideration of the skills of all People who work with us, on dialogue and participation.

We have a strong and shared identity that nurtures each person’s strength, supports their aspirations and independence and offers further opportunities.

We cultivate and enhance people’s potential, investing in their ongoing training and supporting them in achieving their professional development goals. Because the future of our Employees is our future too.

Fidia Learning Lab

This is our innovative and interactive integrated learning ecosystem, which combines traditional training in the classroom with online learning. This allows Fidia’s employees around the globe to benefit from a wealth of content and learning activities.


The comprehensive training platform for all employees – languages, IT skills, project management and soft skills.

Master of People

The Manager of People (MoP) pathway, to grow the necessary skills to manage a team and support people in their own development journey.

Master of Manager

High-end training designed exclusively for Managers of Managers (MoMs), to build on strategic vision and business acumen.

Development activities

We support the creation of a professional development journey as a constant incentive to achieve new goals, while being aware of one’s own abilities.

Fidia Coaching Plus



The service that we provide for all of our people to support them in their development journey to achieve their goals.

Development Center



The practical workshop that gives People the opportunity to challenge themselves and discover their skills and potential.

Our culture

Values, principles and competencies become daily actions shaping our corporate identity; aimed at achieving and preserving the well-being of all people, both ours and those who come in contact with us.

Discover more

We aim to build and share a new model backed by leadership, which enhances each person’s skills.



Global People & Culture Officer

A path that will allow us to recognise each other as belonging to a solid and consistent shared culture, able to fuel our ambition for growth.



President and CEO

Work with us

Join our Group and collaborate with Fidia to create a new professional journey.